Saturday, June 9, 2012

Panda Bear Cushion

I made a beautiful embroidered cushion featuring a panda bear scene depicted inside the paw print of a panda bear a few years back as a gift for my mother.  She recently asked me to embroider another one for her and as the weather forecast for today was extremely cold weather, I decided to rather stay home than quilt with the girls.

The design is from Embroidery Library and although it uses only 15 colours, there is a staggering total of 70 thread changes.  Luckily my Brother Innovis 4000 embroidery machine, threads automatically, so I can literally just sits back and watch it do the job for me.  The design is 118 x 203mm and 59 241 stitches.  Although the Innovis calculated the stitching time at 127 minutes at it's top speed of 1 000 stitches per minute, it took me 4 and a half hours to complete.

After 1 hour of stitching and 24 thread changes later, the design looked like this:
2 hours and 39 thread changes later:

3 hours and 49 thread changes later:

After 4 hours, there was still 6 thread changes left.  The completed design looks like this:
Well worth the effort.  Now I still have to convert it into a cushion, though.

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