Monday, January 28, 2013

Fixing clothes with embroidery

One of the pleasures of owning an embroidery machine is being able to fix almost any tear, burn or whatever on one's clothes.  The biggest problem is deciding which design(s) to use when there are about 250 000 to choose from...

These pants had a small burn above the knee and this is how I fixed it.

By repeating the paisley design on the other leg, it forms a unit.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Art of Quilting Sampler Quilt - Blocks 17, 19 and 20

After the initial poor start with the subscription service, the blocks now arrive like clockwork on time every 4 weeks or so.  I even managed to catch up to the issues currently on sale in the shops.  They are even going to replace two issues I made a mess with at no extra cost!  How's that for service?  I'm rather impressed.

Blocks 17, 19 and 20
Blocks 21-24 is lying in wait to be stitched.  I am however currently working hard on my kaleidoscope quilt for our general meeting on the 7th of February.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Heritage Quilt - Corner Blocks

After having problems with the Internet yet again, I have tried numerous times getting this post written. Suddenly I experienced problems loading images.  As I was still on Internet Explorer 8, I decided to move to Google Chrome.  I really hope it resolved the issue.

After finishing up with our Latte Quilts (read this post), Maresa and I started with this gorgeous quilt designed by Jenny Haskins in January 2011.  We already started buying fabric for this baby during January 2010 on one of our day trips to visit Habby and Lace in Vereeniging, a mere 4 hours drive from Bloemfontein. 

As Maresa unfortunately moved to Cape Town in April 2012, I now have to continue on my own.  I'm hoping to finish at least one block a month this year.

The 4 finished corner blocks looks like this (in dire need of starch and a hot iron, but that will be done once all 16 blocks are finished):

The background is done in 2 different shades of fabric and embroidery.  Then all the flowers are embroidered separate and added giving a 3D look.

Looks like my blogging problems is over for the time being.