Monday, February 25, 2013

Thumb pincushion etc.

At one of our Guild's quarterly meetings last year, kits for making a thumb pincushion was handed out as gifts to all attending.  Whilst on holiday during December, it was one of the projects I finished.

I could not remember the instructions and asked my good friend Google.  If you want to make one as well, you can get the step-by-step instructions at Annies Crazy World.


During October 2011, I attended a Quilt and Craft Fair hosted by the Needles and Pins of our Guild (read this post).  Inside my Goody Bag I found a prize ticket for a Fabric Origami Bookmark which looks like this:

As a lot of effort has gone into preparing these kits, the least one can do is to take the time to make it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Art of Quilting Sampler Quilt - Blocks 22-24

After all the previous hick ups, this quilt is now moving forward at a steady pace.  Sasching of the first 20 blocks is done and 6 blocks are already stitched together. 

Blocks 25-28 arrived yesterday and I just finished cutting all the templates.  This means that the quilt top is nearly 33% done.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Candlewick Embroidery

I've found these embroidered Candlewick pieces between my mother-in-law's stuff when she died in 2007 and finally finished them.

The cream and peach one's was converted to pillowcases. 

I framed the blue and pink pieces and add ribbon and lace to finish them off.

Another unfinished project finished.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heritage Quilt Blocks 2 and 3

Blocks 2 and 3 of the Heritage Quilt I wrote about in this post.

I struggled for many months with Block 2 as I just could not decide what to do next.  During the December holidays I decided this was another unfinished object that just had to be finished.

The block is constructed with all the different fabrics used in the quilt and a bit of embroidery.  Netting is placed on top of the block and cut away in certain places to create different textures.  Not one of my favourite blocks I'm afraid...

The embroidered squares of Block 3 was also done on 4 different fabrics.