Sunday, March 3, 2013

Charity Quilt - Part 4

The Charity Quilt (read this post) did not get finished last year as we had hoped.  We are currently busy stitching all the blocks together and is trying to get it finished in time for the annual Show (Fair).

Sonja and Jolita of our group stitched these 9 patches as one of our former group members, Natasha moved to Centurion before her blocks was done.

These applique blocks was Jolita Geel's contribution.  She is also going to free motion the quilt for us.  Unfortunately, she has since decided to leave our group.  Although we share the same very rare surname, we are not family.

The last 4 blocks was done by Sonja Snyman.

The completed quilt is going to be a real beauty.

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