Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quilt Festival 2013

The Quilt Festival we have been working on the past two years, is over.  As far as I could gather, it was a huge success.  I did not attend any workshops as my daughter and son in law from England is visiting. 

I did however visited the exhibition and was blown away.  Every single quilt showcased is an artwork.  Gone is the days of  "ordinary" (traditional) patchwork quilting - the type I grew up with and was never attracted to.  Not that there is anything wrong with the traditional quilts, it simply is not my style.  The newer, modern versions and techniques are more my cup of tea.

Below are photo's of some of them.  But before getting to them I must congratulate the Rafels Quilt Group on the absolutely gorgeous Goody Bags we received.  It was like being on a treasure hunt and clearly shows that a lot of thought went into the Bags of which I will post photo's in a future post.

The first photo is a quilt constructed with Suffolk Puffs:

This one was my husband's Viewer Choice.  A beautiful flower arrangement with the flowers all cut out and assembled into a gorgeous bouquet:

And who would have thought that you can actually paint with fabric?

A beautiful Crazy Quilt


An abstract work of art by Susan Wessels called Flight of Fancy:

Below was one of the entries for the Advertisement Challenge competition I also participated in.  This one depicts 5 Roses Tea.

I unfortunately did not wrote down the quilters names. My sincere apologies.

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