Friday, August 16, 2013

Block a day Quilt

Griet Lombard, an ex South African now living in New Zealand, agreed to repeat this class after the Quilt Festival for members who could not attend classes during the festival.  After being on holiday the first 2 weeks of July, I manage to get another day's leave to attend this class on the 24th of July.

This quilt is constructed with leftover scraps on calico and embellished with all sorts of beads, threads etc. mainly by hand - the ideal take along project.

The Quilt consist of 81 blocks.  Satin Suffolk puffs (Yo-Yo's) on the corners, gave a luxurious look to this beautiful quilt.  It won a first prize at the Queensland 2011 Festival.

Some close ups.

Sometimes the simplest design and fabric teams up into an absolute gorgeous masterpiece.