Thursday, November 21, 2013

Birthday presents for group

This year I decided to embroider a bookmark for each of the the Rotary Cutters quilters.  I can't remember where I downloaded this well digitized and gorgeous free design which doesn't come undone as so may free standing lace designs sometimes does.

I added this inspirational verse as well as a chocolate bar:

The Word is like  bread, every chapter is a slice and every verse a bite.  Prayer is your butter and praise your jam.  You don't have to eat dry bread ever again when you make Gods word your own and invite the Holy Ghost into your heart.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oranje Quilters Guild last quaterly meeting for 2013

At our last meeting for the year, a few of our group's ladies showcased their Innovative Quilts.

Dalene van der Colf with her beautiful butterflies
Hanlie Hoffmann also opted for the butterflies, equally beautiful.

My friend of 32 years, Rika van der Merwe, started quilting at the end of last year and decided to do this quilt as her Beginners project.  It turned out absolutely beautiful with her quilting attracting a lot of attention and compliments.  Well done!

And the 3rd place Viewer's Choice:


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Simply Chic Carryall

Maresa Pretorius, my embroidery friend of more than 15 years, invited me in 2010 to join her and her sister in law, Annelie Opperman (which have also became a close friend of mine since we started quilting together in August 2010) to make these bags under the guidance of Marie Coetzee, our local Pfaff dealer.  I had no idea what the bag looked like at the time, but trusted Maresa that it would be well worth it.  And was she right!

Closed, the bag looks like this:

The inside pockets:

And the removable insert with lots of little compartments (I made 2 for my bag) :

This is not a cheap or fast project, but I can really recommend it.  I take my bag everywhere I go and it is always a hit.  Everybody wants one!  So, if you are not in Bloemfontein or close to a Pfaff dealer, you can get the pattern here at Michelle's Designs and make yourself one.  You will be forever grateful as all your quilting stuff (needlework or embroidery etc.) will be neatly stored in one place. 
I finished my bag just before starting quilt classes and is busy making the 5th one.  Only very special friends and/or family qualify for such a gift  :-)
Herewith photo's of my bag - stuffed to the brim. 
The bag opened with both removable inserts on top of each other held in place with Velcro.

The 2nd removable insert.

The inside pockets


Packed and ready to go with everything in it's place!