Sunday, April 27, 2014

Free Motion Quilting

After free motioning various quilts over the past 3 years, I am at last feeling that I'm actually getting it right.  It is an art that can only be accomplished with hours and hours of practice (well, for me anyway).  I am so glad that I persevered!

I can't write about this without thanking Hettie Pringle, under who's guidance 4 of us did a beginners course in 2010.  Although we thought it quite a daunting task to free motion, Hettie inspired and helped us with valuable advice. 

3 weeks ago, my friend, Sonia Botes (read this post) asked my help with the quilting of a play mat for her granddaughter.  I used the loop-de-loop pattern and this is how it turned out:

 And over the Easter weekend, I free motioned the Outreach quilt I wrote about in this post:


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