Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Embroidered toys for Aiden (3)

I made this closet organizer for Aiden's room using the Signature Closet Organizer design from A stitch a half.  which I made for my sister in 2010.  The design is available in 2 sizes which I combined to create 7 pockets.  I added satin ribbon to the edges of the pockets to create deeper pockets.

I substituted the original designs with this set from Hatched in Africa with free motion stitching for a background.

And yet again I can't remember where I bought/downloaded the monograms.

This is what the original design looks like.  This post refer.

I will be making one for a baby girl one of these days as one of Megan's friends ordered one.  All the panels are embroidered in the hoop and then assembled using a sewing machine.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Embroidered toys for Aiden (2)

Another few toys I made for Aiden.  Having a few hundred thousand designs, it is impossible to keep track of the websites of all the free one's.  I think this little frog came from the Cuties website as well.  Unfortunately it has been down for a few months now, so it will do no good adding the link.
A cute, or is it grumpy? frog face.
Ollie Owl - from GG designs embroidery

This gorgeous set of Teddy's from Inspiration Mutz was a definite choice.  I fell in love with the designs the moment I saw them and just had to buy them.  I wanted to do the bunny family is well but unfortunately ran out of time.
Baby Bear

Mama Bear

and Papa Bear

The family.  Aren't they just beautiful?

My son-in-law was real perplexed when I said I need unused cat litter to finish up Aiden's toys!  As I wrote in last week's post, I did all the embroidery and stitching at home.  After my husband stuffed them, I just added the cat litter in zip lock bags to the bottom before closing them up and Voila! standing proud.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Embroidered toys for Aiden

At long last I can post pictures of the embroidered items I made for Aiden.  We are visiting the children in Barnsley, UK and are having ball. The weather is lovely and we are just enjoying ourselves.

Daughter Megan with British husband Mark Driver and grandson Aiden.

A little bear - origin of design unknown.

Covered hangers
I bought the designs  for the hanger covers some years back and was at long last able to embroider a set.  You can find the designs here.

This little guy called Sid downloaded for free from the Cuties webpage.
Aiden just love the bright orange!

I brought all the stuffed items unstuffed, bought stuffing locally and finished them up.

A cute little quilted placemat - design available from Dainty Stitches


This cute little bib's design is available over here

I just love embroidering toys in the hoop and the larger the hoop, the better!  There is still some more items I will write about in a few days time.