Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wedding cushions

I've been working on these cushions as well the last month.  This was however a team effort as I asked one of my quilting buddies, Magda du Plesssis, to help me with the stitching of the cushions and she did a terrific job.  They look stunning!

Crown catering ordered these sets in white only as they are in high demand with their clients.

The complete set  - 2 kneeling cushions with the ring cushion.

Close up of the ring cushion.
The kneeling cushion.
The second set of cushions with a slight variation.  More embroidery and less ribbon.

A ring cushion embellished with silver ribbon and embroidery.

Advanced Beginners Quilt

The last 3 blocks of this quilt is done!  Only the border left and then this baby will be finished!

Block 18

Block 19
Block 20 - Seminole

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Latte Quilt

I finally finished beading the centre piece of this quilt 5 years after finishing it.  The difference is quite extraordinarily.  Adding the 1350 or so beads by hand was definitely worth it.

Below is a photo of the quilt before the beads were added..

I started adding the beads before our house fire  Luckily the quilt survived it!

Another UFO done!  Better late than never I suppose...

You can read more about this quilt here and here.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Baby Quilt with hot air balloons

Friends of ours asked me to make a quilt for their first grandchild using hot air balloons.  The room is painted accordingly and although I was rather apprehensive about the theme, the quilt turned out beautiful.

I took my husband with when I went fabric shopping which turned out to be a blessing as he picked the polkadot fabric!  I then proceeded embroidering the second batch of balloons incorporating these colours.  The first batch was embroidered in primary colours as is painted in the nursery.  Below are close-ups of the balloons side by side in the different colours.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

21st Birthday presents

I started to embroider for the first time in 18 months again and although I was rather out of practice, especially with all the problems one can encounter whilst embroidering, I quickly got the hang of it again.

When a colleague of my at work turned 21 recently,  I was asked to embroider his initials on a set of handkerchiefs.  I used co-ordinating colours which blended in quite nice.

His parents gave his room a makeover, so I decided his bathroom needs one too.  So, I embroidered a set of towels for him.

I used a silver/black mixed metallic thread which co-ordinated with the charcoal towels with just a little bit of silver in the scrolls.

 It did not photograph well at all, but the end result in real life is really stunning.  Plain, but beautiful.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Jumbo CAC Crazy Legs Applique Monograms

I finally started digitizing again after our lives were severely disrupted the past 12 months.

I designed this set when we decorated our son's bedroom in our local rugby team's colours.  Each letter is 5 x 7" (130 x 180mm), so it is truly jumbo! 

I added batting to create a 3d effect to the lettering and digitized accordingly.  At the time I embroidered this, my largest hoop was the 5 x 7", so I embroidered each letter separately!

You can find the lower case set here , as well as the upper case and numbers .  The punctuation set is available here and contains 20 different symbols.

The complete set is for sale for 35$ and you can get it here.

I embroidered the cheetah head in 14 separate hooping's with my 5 x7 " hoop.  As it is copy protected,  I can't sell it though.  The cheetah paw print is available here

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Advanced Beginners Quilt

Another four blocks finished and only 3 more to go!

Block 13 - Folded strips
Block 15 - Celtic applique

Block 16 - 3D Bow ties

Block 17 - English paper piecing

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Advanced Beginners Quilt

This quilt is growing at a steady pace now with only 4 more blocks to go.  I am really excited to see the end product.  As we are quilting-as-you go, this will surely be finished at the end of the year and will not turn into another ufo.

Block 10:  3d block - All done by hand with hexagon shapes using English paper piecing.

Block 14 - Bargello with strip piecing

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Items for sale

I decided to sell some of my stuff which I'm not using anymore.

First up is this Bond Elite knitting machine for chunky wool.  It works like a dream and is quite easy to learn.  I just don't have any time for knitting anymore.  The price is R1 000 ($72).

Then I have this Empisal 4 thread overlocker for R500 ($36)

and finally the Brother Innovis 700E embroidery machine for R10 000 ($720).  Since I bought the Big Brother, I don't use this one anymore.

130 x 180mm embroidery area

It comes complete with PE Basic and the XL frame which can embroider an area of 130 x 300mm.

Prices exclude postage.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Advanced Beginners Quilt

Another 2 blocks finished.  After being on holiday for 2 weeks and having the flue, I had fallen behind with 4 blocks to finish.  I am working hard to catch up to the girls!

Block 11 using machine piecing

Block 9 - applique finished off with bias binding

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blank applique quilt label

I designed this pattern to label my quilts.  It is a blank pattern available in 2 sizes.  Just add you own wording.

It is available for free over at my Craftsy shop.