Saturday, October 24, 2015

Latte Quilt

I finally finished beading the centre piece of this quilt 5 years after finishing it.  The difference is quite extraordinarily.  Adding the 1350 or so beads by hand was definitely worth it.

Below is a photo of the quilt before the beads were added..

I started adding the beads before our house fire  Luckily the quilt survived it!

Another UFO done!  Better late than never I suppose...

You can read more about this quilt here and here.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Baby Quilt with hot air balloons

Friends of ours asked me to make a quilt for their first grandchild using hot air balloons.  The room is painted accordingly and although I was rather apprehensive about the theme, the quilt turned out beautiful.

I took my husband with when I went fabric shopping which turned out to be a blessing as he picked the polkadot fabric!  I then proceeded embroidering the second batch of balloons incorporating these colours.  The first batch was embroidered in primary colours as is painted in the nursery.  Below are close-ups of the balloons side by side in the different colours.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

21st Birthday presents

I started to embroider for the first time in 18 months again and although I was rather out of practice, especially with all the problems one can encounter whilst embroidering, I quickly got the hang of it again.

When a colleague of my at work turned 21 recently,  I was asked to embroider his initials on a set of handkerchiefs.  I used co-ordinating colours which blended in quite nice.

His parents gave his room a makeover, so I decided his bathroom needs one too.  So, I embroidered a set of towels for him.

I used a silver/black mixed metallic thread which co-ordinated with the charcoal towels with just a little bit of silver in the scrolls.

 It did not photograph well at all, but the end result in real life is really stunning.  Plain, but beautiful.