Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wedding cushions

I've been working on these cushions as well the last month.  This was however a team effort as I asked one of my quilting buddies, Magda du Plesssis, to help me with the stitching of the cushions and she did a terrific job.  They look stunning!

Crown catering ordered these sets in white only as they are in high demand with their clients.

The complete set  - 2 kneeling cushions with the ring cushion.

Close up of the ring cushion.
The kneeling cushion.
The second set of cushions with a slight variation.  More embroidery and less ribbon.

A ring cushion embellished with silver ribbon and embroidery.

Advanced Beginners Quilt

The last 3 blocks of this quilt is done!  Only the border left and then this baby will be finished!

Block 18

Block 19
Block 20 - Seminole