Sunday, February 7, 2016

2016's Quilting Project - Free Motion

Whilst deciding what our quilting group was going to do as a project for the year, I remembered this project of mine stuffed in a drawer for almost 20 years.

I originally wanted to make a carpet but after discovering that the fabric I bought was too dense, I gave up and put it away.  It took about a week of drawing the pattern and I was not about to throw it away.
As the fabric was already partially damaged in the centre, it was decided to use applique to cover it up.  The rest will just be stitched in a dark grey with tone on tone free motion in the open areas.


Casper kept me company although he decided to lay on top of the fabric making it impossible to move it at all!  He is 17 years old, outlived our house fire of 2014 and stayed alone at the damaged house for 6 months! So, I guess - he is allowed!

4 of the Rotary Cutters is working on a medallion quilt similar to this one

whilst the others is doing the Free motion project depicted below.  A beautiful wall hanging.


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