Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Crown Catering

I have been struggling with myself the past week to embroider logo's on the staff of Crown Caterings' new uniforms. 

August and September is notoriously difficult months for us with extreme lows as we remember the passing of our first born on the 22nd of August 2003 as well as his birthday 17 September 1983.  Our house burned on the 31st of August 2014 followed by our 34th anniversary on the 4th of September.  So, it is a lot of extreme emotions all bottled up with nowhere to go.  And as if to add insult to injury on the 31st of August, whilst waiting at a traffic light in town, my husband's cell phone got pluck from his shirt pocket through the slightly open car window.

I am however slowly starting to climb out of the black hole I have been wallowing in the last few weeks as it does not solve anything.  It only steals precious time that could have been spend more wisely and/or productive.

Below are photo's of the logo as embroidered on the front and back.

18 x 18cm on the backside - stitching time 39 minutes.
With the smaller 10 x10cm on the front.


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  1. And fortunately we have sewing, embroidery, quilting or whatever hobby to get us to the next level. You did good!