Sunday, December 25, 2016

Origami Candle Mat

Ever since I saw this beautiful Origami Candle Mat by Skeldale house I thought of making one myself.  I chose fabric to co-ordinate with my dinner set's theme - chickens and hens.  This way I can use it the whole year around and not only at Christmas time.

If you want to get the free machine embroidery file, you'll have to join Skeldale House's Yahoo page or you can download the free quilt only pattern at Fiery phoenix.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Angel Hearts Workshop

A Facebook friend of mine started a workshop for disabled people called Angel-Hearts-Workshop .  From the start it was Karen's goal to produce quality products.  Under her care these people flourished and became known for exactly that.  So, if you are in Bloemfontein and want a special gift, go visit them at Leviseur street 4B, Westdene.

I recently embroidered for each a facecloth in their favourite colour with their name on it and included a bar of soap which my husband and I made.  They were absolutely thrilled.  This just reminded me again that the size op the gift does not matter at all. 

Sammy (left) and Richard