Sunday, March 26, 2017


Although I am constantly busy, I can't write about the project keeping me busy at the moment as it is a surprise!  Doing mending is also an ongoing job as everybody knows and can keep one rather busy.  But that is not interesting reading or writing material at all!

Since moving back into our house 2 years ago after the fire, I have been in trouble for not getting these curtains up in the lounge.  With the arch windows facing west, the setting sun is realy in your face and rather bothersome.

So, I started unpicking the previous curtains to use only the tafetta linings I made at the time.  The original black embroidered organza curtains survived the fire and moved to the dining room, but the old gold linings would do just fine, so I did not have to start from scratch.

As I am adament about keeping the shape of the arch windows because it lends caracter to the room, they are specifically made to fit snugly inside the arch.  And keeps the sun out of hubby's eyes!