Monday, August 28, 2017

Stained Glass Butterflies

After our annual meeting on the 19th of August, the Two Old Broads from Bethulie, Charlotte and Aletta, showed us a quick and easy way to achieve a stained glass effect without having to stitch bias binding strips.

I opted for a butterfly made from Jinny Beyer fabrics.

Then I started working on a background using Langalapu Fabrics which I cut into 1.5" squares after ironing applique paper to the back.  These squares was then ironed onto a piece of silver/grey taffeta with 1/4" space in between.  Another technique demonstrated to us by Charlotte and Aletta.

I used two color ways which I wanted to combine but my husband advised me against it and as both pieces was already cut up, I now have two backgrounds to play with and 2 new projects in the making!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Le Mesh Quilt

At our Guild's previous General Meeting held in May, quilting teacher Mari Strydom demo the Le Mesh weaving technique and every member received a packet of satin ribbon, pins and a threading needle to inspire us to try this technique.  It was also set as a challenge for the next meeting held yesterday.

About a month ago I decided to participate in this challenge and started weaving the first block for which instructions were included.

As I had already decided to make a small wall hanging with 3 different 6" blocks, I surfed the Internet and found instructions for the 3d tumbling block as well.  This block did not go so smoothly as I just could not get my head around where to weave the 3d color through.  After my husband suggested I draw the block, I finally realized what I had been doing wrong the whole time and was finally successful on attempt number 4!

A little more surfing produce this log cabin look alike block.

And this is how the completed quilt looks with buttons in red, white and blue added. 

The quilt was selected as the winner for the challenge.  The prize included fabric, a pincushion, chocolate and instruction booklet by Mari to weave additional blocks.

The chocolate did not make the photo however....

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I embroidered presents last week.  First up is a set of towels for a colleague of mine's mother in law who was so kind as to lend her walking frame for my husband after he broke his hip.

I then did a set of kitchen towels with these designs from Loralie designs

and a washcloth.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday, August 5, 2017


The past two months our quilting group, the Rotary Cutters, attended a handbag course at our local Bernina Dealer.   One of our members, Marietjie, was so kind as to arrange it for our group after hours as we are all working ladies.

We picked our fabric at the shop and Susan of Bernina  did all the cutting.  I had no idea which colors to use but quickly fell in love with this black, green and purple selection.

On the inside is various pockets as shown below.

We are all totally in love with our bags and very proud.