Friday, November 10, 2017

Baby Stuff

It'd been two months since my previous post.  My mother was in hospital for these two months but she was finally discharged last Friday and is on the way to better health again.  She is turning 80 in January, so it is rather an uphill battle.

Between quilting The Art of Quilting's double bed sampler quilt and finishing my Block a Day quilt, I embroidered some items for my dearest friend of 36 years newest granddaughter.

I made this beautiful banner with monograms I collected for free from Embroidery It.

On this close-up all the detail is visible.  I am totally in love with these monograms!

I also embroidered a spit cloth with this adoreable elephant I bought a while back from Appliquetion Station.  Yes, another one, again...  He is just so cute, I can't help myself!

I also included two washcloths which I finished off with some crochet lace.

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