Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mystery Quilt

Our quilting group started with a Mystery Quilt as 2018's project.  Everyone makes her own double bed quilt with her own selection of fabrics but everybody is doing the same mystery.  It is promising to deliver beautiful masterpieces when looking at all the different color schemes.

At this stage we are still stuck making 72 of each clue.  Clue 1 was a real challenge cutting 72 of these little boat shapes

adding some to triangles.

Clue 2 was a breeze cutting strips, stitching them together and cutting 72 blocks.

This set the pace for Clue 3 with yet again 72 blocks.

Clue 4, yep you guessed it, 72 but this time triangles.

Now to wait patiently for the next clue in a months time.

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