Sunday, April 1, 2018

Bunny's Galore

It was merely coincidence that I was busy embroidering bunny themed baby stuff at the time that pageant religions pay homage to the so called easter bunny.

An ex-colleague of mine ordered 2 spit cloths adorned with bunny's as the nursery is set up with a bunny theme as well as a very cute "future triathlete" caricature as the new little one's Daddy partakes in this grueling sport.

For the bunnies, I used the Morehead Bountiful Bunnies which can be bought at Sew for Less

and combined different embroidery designs and add lettering to make up this ensemble.

I then continue with another 2 spit clots as part of my gift using the same set of embroidery designs.  As the baby's sex was still unknown at the time of the baby shower, I stayed with neutral colours and was not able to add the little one's name.

I also embroidered another one of Inspiration Mutz's Bunny Doorstops which can be found here.

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