Sunday, October 21, 2018

Kitchen Tea

Yesterday was the kitchen tea of a very special friend and ex-colleague of about the past 20 years or so who is getting married for the very first time after a few failed relationships.

I used the Italian Chefs set of Hatched in Africa to embroider four kitchen towels.

I also stitched an origami candle mat at our latest group meeting which I added to her package.

At the kitchen tea, Desire received a dishtowel which I took home and embroidered to match the rest.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


It's that time of the year again to submit our income tax to our local Revenue services, so as
Stephanie from the accounting company next door was so kind as to help me again with me and husband Trevor's, I made her a small thank you gift again.

Last year I opted for 3 kitchen towels with Loralie designs and a washcloth with a dolphin - see this post.  This year I continued with another set of mini mitts and embroidered a green set with pumpkins as well as her monogram S and a beautiful free standing lace cross bookmark.  I also included something sweet to keep up her energy levels.

You can check out the other mini mitts I made in this post.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Heritage Quilt - Last block

I finally finished the last block of this quilt - another collage using different pieces with netting on top which were selectively cut away.  So, as soon as the Mystery quilt is done, I will start adding sasching to this one.

The last six weeks have been extremely difficult as  I really struggled to get out of the hole this year.  People who haven't lost a child tend to tell you it will get better with time...  Well, it does not.

A beautiful bouquet of King Proteas (our national flower) and pin cushions adorn his resting place

I have several projects going at the moment, but unfortunately my Innovis 4000 broke down and is waiting for a new part.  So, I am rather stuck.  That however, gave me time to go fabric shopping for next years project which seems to be the remedy I needed as the dark cloud is lifting at last.

Amafu fabric on the left and Langa Lapu fabric's rainbow strip on the right - both South African products.

We decided to stitch Shadow Trapunto Quilts.  My daughter bouht me Geta Grama's book a few years back as a birthday present, so it is about time it is put to good use.

Unbelievable as it my sounds, we are already planning projects for 2019 which is a mere 12 weeks away...