Sunday, February 28, 2021

Heart Quilt Block 1

 After acquiring all the fabrics needed, I could finally started working on this quilt.

I used the Crazy Heart quilt set from Molly Mine for the heart in the centre.

With Covid 19 with us for close to a year now, it was time to stitch some more masks for my son to wear at work.

I also stitched some more monograms for a few of my quilting friends who haven't received any yet.

 A friend of mine told me about somebody on Facebook selling Marathon embroidery thread at R5 each, so although I have nearly the whole catalogue of colors, it was not an opportunity to pass up on, so shopping she went buying me 100 cones.  

I also stitched myself a pouch like the one's I gave away as birthday presents last year.  Been quite a busy week with lots of projects done.

I also made a skirt for our bed to extend to the ground.  Above is a before photo and below, after.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spit cloths

Did some spit cloths for a new baby as well as embroidering some crosses and monograms for our friendship group named Amistad (Spanish for friendship).  And buying other background fabric for my heart quilt after my choices was shredded to pieces by my fiends. 😀

After having twin daughters 3 years ago, their parents was blessed by a boy.  They ordered the spit cloths in December but with my machine broken at the time, I was unable to embroider them in time.  But they are done now and will be on their way tomorrow.

I embroidered some crosses for some of my friends who joined our quilting group later and missed out on these beautiful bookmarks.  I always embroidered them in white, but use a beige this time and I think they look better than the white one's.  You be the judge.

The white one

and the new beige one.

I also visited all of the local quilting shops in vain to try and find two coordinating background fabrics and settled with only one background.  I also bought a yellow/orange/gold piece just to brighten up all of the dark colors.  Below are my new selection.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Baby quilt for sale

Anther one is done and ready for when I open the shop.  The quilt are completely square, just me trying still to take decent photo's, not such a good combination.  I should do a course or two on the internet.

This one was done in shades of purple, white and green with the whole quilt quilted in a variegated white and purple combination thread.

The pattern is called Mirror-Mirror and is available as a free download from Jordan Fabrics .

A close-up of the quilting done.

And the backside.

The quilt is 82 x 107cm (32"x42") and is available for ZAR650 .  It can be ordered in any color with 50% deposit payable upfront via Paypal or into a Nedbank account.  Email me at with any questions.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Heart Quilt - Fabrics

What would a new year be without a new project?

One of our local teachers started doing classes via WhatsApp since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown almost a year ago, inspiring the Guild's lady's to keep on quilting and stay busy.

So when I saw this quilt heart I just new it will be gorgeous with my Langa Lapu fabric.

For the background I chose grey

with this beautiful fabric for the sasching which pick up all the colors beautifully.

You may wonder at this stage what I am making and below is the pattern although mine won't be a traditional one like the photo.  I will be using crazy quilt heart embroidery designs, but that is still a secret.

As I am already one month behind, I will have to catch up in the next 4 weeks between all the other projects I also have going on.  Far too little hours in a day....

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Quilt for sale

After digging myself out from a deep depression that I let got hold of me after getting almost jobless over night, I started making baby items which I will be putting up for sale in the near future.  The first being a baby quilt of about 75 x 100cm with jelly roll strips.

Monday, January 25, 2021

Spit cloths

With my machine finally fixed, I could get back into embroidery again.   Extremely sad if you take your machine twice back to the agent and then receive it back more broken than what it was before with even missing screws and accessories mixed up with other people's machines as obviously I know how my machine's parts look.  Then having to pay the technician who looked after the machine the past 10 years as well to fix the mess made by the agent.  It was a very expensive mistake on my part.  And everybody is just shrugging their shoulders and don't want to man up and reimburse me or even apologize for the substandard work done.  But we all know about Karma and the people responsible for this will lose double in the end.

But, enough about that. I started working today again after a lengthy break of 5 weeks although on contract basis for the next 10 weeks only.  I am searching for a permanent post and hope to get something eventually.  All depends on our government turning the economy around though.  Otherwise I will be forced to retire early and/or search for any other work to keep us afloat. But, I leave that in the hands of our Lord and trust that He will show me the way forward.

The only items being finished the past two weeks, is 8 spit cloths I embroidered for a dear friend who crocheted the edges.  Two of them was covered with beautiful checked bias binding which I then appliqued in coordinating fabrics.

I forgot to take a photo of the last one, hence only 7.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sorting fabrics

Another few weeks slipped past with no quilting or embroidery done.  The past two weeks was just spend relaxing and wondering what 2021 will bring as for me personally 2020 ended on a very low note.  

The new job I was so exited about did not work out and as I am writing this I am still jobless as all in the engineering industry closed over the holiday season.  As the industry is also in a very precarious position due to an almost bankrupt government, the prospect of finding another job is slim at best.  But, as Jenny of Elefantz so eloquently put it, we should not despair "for we know the Lord is for us and not against us, that He will make a way where there seems no way, and He will provide for His flock." 

My machine is however a totally different story as it is now already out of order for two months.  As the matter is still ongoing, I will write about that later.  I am taking it for a second opinion tomorrow and will hopefully get it fixed soon.  I might have to fall back on machine embroidery and quilting to supplement our income so I need my machine up and running.  It might also be time to seriously start designing and selling embroidery designs online with the digitizing program I won way back in 2004 and never really had time to get going whilst working fulltime.  I am still praying about this for guidance as to what direction I should take.

The only thing I did manage to do was sorting through my fabrics and copied two of my friends who started organizing their fabrics neatly.  It was however a huge task as I first had to cut up empty boxes to A4 sizes and then wrapping the fabrics around it.  But it was all worth it as the before and after pictures clearly show.  Now I can actually see what is there at first glance.  This however exclude my quilting fabrics which are stowed away in drawers.

This was the mess before

and now all is stacked neatly.